Law 4. Playes' clothing

1. All items of clothing must comply with World Rugby Regulation 12.

2. A player wears a jersey, shorts and underwear, socks and boots. The sleeve of a jersey must extend at least half-way from the shoulder point to the elbow.

3. Additional items are permitted. These are:

a. Washable supports made of elasticated or compressible materials.

b. Shin guards.

c. Ankle supports worn under socks, not extending higher than one third of the length of the shin and, if rigid, from material other than metal.

d. Mitts (fingerless gloves).

e. Shoulder pads.

f. Mouth guard or dental protector.

g. Headgear.

h. Bandages, dressings, thin tape or other similar material.

i. Goggles (global law trial).

j. Studs, including those of moulded rubber, on the soles of their boots.

4. In addition, women may wear:

a. Chest pads.

b. Cotton blend long tights, with single inside leg seam under their shorts and socks.

c. Headscarves, providing they do not cause a danger to the wearer or other players.

5. A player may not wear:

a. Any item contaminated by blood.

b. Any sharp or abrasive item.

c. Any items containing buckles, clips, rings, hinges, zippers, screws, bolts or rigid material or projection not otherwise permitted under this law.

d. Jewellery.

e. Gloves.

f. Shorts with padding sewn into them.

g. Any item that is normally permitted in law but, in the referee’s opinion, is liable to cause injury.

h. Communication devices.

6. The referee has the power to decide at any time that part of a player’s clothing is dangerous or illegal. In this case, the referee must order the player to remove the item. The player must not take part in the match until the item is removed or rendered harmless.

7. If, at an inspection before the match, a match official tells a player that an item banned under this law is being worn and the player is subsequently found to be wearing that item on the playing area, that player is sent off for misconduct.
Sanction: Penalty.

8. The referee must not allow any player to leave the playing area to change items of clothing, unless they are bloodstained.

World Rugby Regulation 12 can be found at: