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Taking a penalty or free-kick

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5. A penalty or free-kick must be taken without delay.

6. Any player from the non-offending team may take it, other than for a free-kick awarded for a mark.

7. The kicker must use the ball that was in play unless the referee decides it is defective.

8. The kicker may punt, drop-kick or place-kick (other than for touch) the ball.

9. The kicker may kick the ball in any direction.

10. Other than the placer at a place-kick, the kicker’s team must remain behind the ball until it has been kicked.

11. The ball must be kicked a visible distance. If the kicker is holding it, it must clearly leave the hands. If it is on the ground, it must clearly leave the mark. Once the kick has been successfully taken the kicker may play the ball again.