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Dangerous play and restricted practices in a scrum

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37. Dangerous play in a scrum includes:

a. A front-row charging against the opposition.
b. Pulling an opponent.
c. Intentionally lifting an opponent off their feet or forcing them upwards out of the scrum.
d. Intentionally collapsing a scrum.
e. Intentionally falling or kneeling.

Sanction: Penalty.

38. Other restricted practices at a scrum include:

a. Falling on or over the ball immediately after it has emerged from the scrum.
b. Scrum-half kicking the ball while it is in the scrum.
c. Non-front-row player holding or pushing an opponent.

Sanction: Penalty.

d. Bringing the ball back into the scrum once it has left.
e. Non-front-row players playing the ball in the tunnel.
f. Scrum-half attempting to make an opponent believe the ball is out of the scrum when it is not.

Sanction: Free-kick.