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During a scrum

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16. The scrum begins when the ball leaves the hands of the scrum-half.

17. Only when the scrum begins may the teams push. Sanction: Free-kick.

18. Possession may be gained by pushing the opposition backwards and off the ball.

19. Players may push provided they do so straight and parallel to the ground. Sanction: Penalty.

20. Front-row players may gain possession by striking for the ball but only once the ball touches the ground in the tunnel. Sanction: Free-kick.

21. A front-row player striking for the ball may do so with either foot but not both at the same time. Sanction: Penalty.

22.The hooker from the team which trew in the ball must strike for the ball. Sanction: Free-kick.

23. A front-row player must not intentionally kick the ball out of the tunnel from the
direction it was thrown. Sanction: Free-kick.

24. Any player within the scrum may play the ball but only with their feet or lower legs and they must not lift the ball. Sanction: Penalty.

25. If a scrum collapses or if a player in the scrum is lifted or is forced upwards out of the scrum, the referee must blow the whistle immediately so that players stop pushing.

26. When the scrum is stationary and the ball has been available at the back of the scrum for three-five seconds, the referee calls “use it”. The team must then play the ball out of the scrum immediately. Sanction: Scrum.