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Forming a scrum

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2. A scrum is formed in the scrum zone at a mark indicated by the referee.

3. The referee makes the mark to create the middle line of the scrum, which runs parallel to the goal lines.

4. Teams must be ready to form the scrum within 30 seconds of the mark being made.
Sanction: Free-kick.

5. When both teams have 15 players, eight players from each team bind together in formation as outlined in the diagram. Each team must have two props and one hooker in the front row and two locks in the second row. Three back-row players from each team complete the scrum.
Sanction: Penalty.

6. When a team is reduced to fewer than 15 for any reason, then the number of players in each team in the scrum may be similarly reduced. Where a permitted reduction is made by one team, there is no requirement for the other team to make a similar reduction. However, a team must not have fewer than five players in the scrum.

7. The players in the scrum bind in the following way:

a. The props bind to the hooker.
b. The hooker binds with both arms. This can be either over or under the arms of the props.
c. The locks bind with the props immediately in front of them and with each other.
d. All other players in the scrum bind on a lock’s body with at least one arm.

Sanction: Penalty.

8. The two groups face each other, either side of and parallel to the middle line.

9. The two front rows stand not more than an arm’s length apart with the hookers at the mark.