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During a lineout

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26. The lineout commences once the ball leaves the hands of the thrower.

27. Once the lineout has commenced, the thrower and the thrower’s immediate opponent may:

a. Join the lineout.
b. Retire to the offside line of the non-participating players of his own team.
c. Stay within five metres of the touchline.
d. Move to the receiver position if that position is empty.

28. If those players move anywhere else, they are offside.
Sanction: Penalty.

29. Once the lineout has commenced, any player in the lineout may:

a. Compete for possession of the ball.
b. Catch or deflect the ball. A jumper may catch or deflect the ball with the outside arm only if they have both hands above their head.
Sanction: Free-kick.
c. Lift or support a team-mate. Players who do so must lower the player to the ground safely as soon as the ball is won by a player of either team.
Sanction: Free-kick.
d. Leave the lineout so as to be in a position to receive the ball, provided they remain within 10 metres of the mark of touch and they keep moving until the lineout is over.
Sanction: Free-kick.
e. Grasp and bring an opponent in possession of the ball to ground, provided that the player is not in the air.
Sanction: Penalty.