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Throwing into a lineout

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22. The player throwing in the ball stands on the mark of touch with both feet outside the field of play. The
thrower must not step into the field of play until the ball has been thrown.
Sanction: Option of lineout or scrum.

23. The ball must:

a. Be thrown in straight along the mark of touch; and
b. Reach the five metre line before it hits the ground or is played.

Sanction: Option of lineout or scrum. If the lineout is chosen and the ball is again not thrown straight, a scrum is awarded to the team that originally threw in the ball.

c. Be thrown in without delay once the lineout is formed.

Sanction: Free-kick.

24. The thrower must not pretend to throw the ball. 
Sanction: Free-kick.

25. Opposition players must not block the throw
Sanction: Free-kick.