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Quick throw

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3. A player who carries the ball into touch must release the ball immediately so that a quick throw may be taken. 
Sanction: Penalty.

4. At a quick throw, the ball is thrown in:

a. Between the mark of touch and the thrower’s own goal line; and
b. Parallel to or towards the thrower’s own goal line; and
c. So that it reaches the five-metre line before it touches the ground or hits a player; and
d. By a player whose feet are both outside the field of play.

Sanction: Option of lineout or scrum.

5. A quick throw is disallowed and a lineout is awarded to the same team if:

a. A lineout had already been formed; or
b. The ball had been touched after it went into touch by anyone other than the
player throwing in or the player who carried the ball into touch; or
c. A different ball is used from the one that originally went into touch.

6. The ball must reach the five-metre line before it is played and a player must not prevent the ball from travelling five metres.
Sanction: Free-kick.

7. If the mark of touch is outside the 22, the defending team may take the quick throw inside the 22 but is deemed to have taken the ball into the 22.