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Penalty goal

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18. A penalty goal can be scored only from a penalty.

19. The kicking team must indicate their intention to kick for goal without delay.

20. If the team indicates to the referee the intention to kick at goal, they must kick at goal. The intention to kick can be communicated to the referee or signalled by the arrival of the kicking tee or sand, or when the player makes a mark on the ground.

21. The kick must be taken within 60 seconds (playing time) from the time the team indicated their intention to do so, even if the ball rolls over and has to be placed again. Sanction: Kick is disallowed and a scrum is awarded.

22. If the kicker indicates to the referee the intent to kick at goal, the opposing team must stand still with their hands by their sides from the time the kicker starts to approach to kick until the ball is kicked.

23. If the kicker has not indicated an intention to kick at goal but takes a drop-kick and scores a goal, the goal stands.

24. The kicker places the ball directly on the ground or on sand, sawdust, or a kicking tee. The kicker may be assisted by a placer. Nothing else may be used to assist the kicker. Sanction: Scrum.

25. Any player who intentionally touches the ball in an attempt to prevent a penalty goal being scored is illegally touching the ball.

26. A defending player must not shout during a penalty kick at goal.

27. If the opposing team infringes while the kick is being taken but the kick at goal is successful, the goal stands and a further penalty is not awarded. If the kick is unsuccessful, the non-offending team is awarded a penalty 10 metres in front of the original mark. Sanction: Penalty.