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24. Each assistant referee or touch judge carries a flag or something similar with which to signal decisions.

25. Signalling the result of kicks at goal: One assistant referee or touch judge stands at or behind each goal post. If the ball goes over the crossbar and between the posts, they raise the flags to indicate a goal.

26. Signalling touch:

a. When the ball or the ball-carrier has gone into touch or touch-in-goal, the assistant referee or touch judge holds up the flag.
b. The assistant referee or touch judge stands at the place of the throw and points to the team entitled to throw in.
c. When the ball is thrown in, the assistant referee or touch judge lowers the flag, with the following exceptions:

i. When the player throwing in puts any part of either foot in the field of play.
ii. When the team not entitled to throw in has done so.
iii. When, at a quick throw, the ball that went into touch is replaced by another ball or, after it went into touch, it was touched by anyone except the ballcarrier who took it into touch or the player who takes the throw.

d. It is for the referee, and not the assistant referee or touch judge, to decide whether the ball was thrown in from the correct place.

27. Signalling foul play:

a. A match organiser may give authority to the assistant referee to signal for foul play.
b. An assistant referee signals that foul play or misconduct has been seen by holding the flag horizontally and pointing infield at right angles to the touchline.
c. If an assistant referee signals foul play, the assistant referee stays in touch and continues to carry out all the other duties until the next stoppage in play.
d. At the invitation of the referee the assistant referee may then enter the playing area to report the offence to the referee. The referee will then take appropriate action.
e. If an assistant referee’s verbal report to the referee leads to a player being sent off, the assistant referee submits a written report about the incident to the referee as soon as possible after the match and the referee provides it to the match organiser.