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Laws 15-a side (EN)

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Below are the law in English. At the moment the Lawbook 2018 has not yet been translated into dutch.

Laws Title
  Playing charter
Law 1 The Ground
Law 2 Ball
Law 3 Team
Law 4 Player's clothing
Law 5 Time
Law 6 Match officials
Law 7 Advantage
Law 8 Scoring
Law 9 Foul play
Law 10 Offside and onside in open play
Law 11 Knock-on or throw forward
Law 12 Kick-off and restart kicks
Law 13 Payers on the ground in open play
Law 14 Tackle
Law 15 Ruck
Law 16 Maul
Law 17 Mark
Law 18 Touch, quick throw and lineout
Law 19 Scrum
Law 20 Penalty and free-kick
Law 21 In-goal
  Law variations - U19
  Law variations - 7s
  Variations - 10s
  Match official signals