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Clarification 2016-2

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Ruling 2-2016
Union / HP Ref Manager Alain rolland
Law reference 3
Date 5th august 2016

Alain Rolland, Fifteens High Performance Referee Manager has requested clarification on the following items within law 3.14.

  1. Does the injured player have to go off at the time of the foul play or can the player try to play on first?
  2. Can a No. 22 who has tactically replaced No. 10, and then gets injured by foul play, be replaced by the No. 10 while other unused subs remain on the bench?
  3. What is the definition of foul play for the purpose of this Law?
  4. What happens if the referee plays advantage from the foul play; can the player still be replaced?
  5. What happens in games where there are rolling substitutions?
  6. Does the injured player have to go off permanently; or, if deemed fit, can he return later in the game?
Clarification in Law by the Designated Members of the Rugby Committee

The Designated Members have reviewed this request for clarification and the below are the relevant responses.

  1. Replacement should be immediate.
  2. The substituted No. 10 can re-join even if another replacement is available.
  3. Law 10.4 defines foul play for the purposes of this Law
  4. Yes, player must be replaced at next stoppage.
  5. The player will be deemed to be injured and will not be permitted to return to the field of play.
  6. If a player is injured and is replaced, he may not return. There are no temporary replacements while injury is being assessed.