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Clarification 2014 - 6

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Ruling 6-2014
Union / HP Ref Manager HKRFU
Law Reference 13
Date 17 October 2014

Law 13 – Kick Off and Restarts

The HKRFU requested a clarification relating to Law 13. Drop out must cross the line.


Team A have a 22 metre drop out. The ball does not cross the line and lands in the field of play before going into touch, some 8 metres from the 22 metre drop out took place.

What advantage may apply? Can the non-offending team choose to have a lineout where the ball went into touch, the option of a scrum or a kick to be retaken?

Clarification in Law by the Designated Members of the Rugby Committee
Law 13.13 (a) applies.

“If the ball does not cross the 22m line the opposing team has two choices:

  • To have another drop out, or
  • To have a scrum at the centre of the 22m line. They throw in the ball.”

Advantage only applies if the opponents play the ball before it goes into touch.