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Clarification 2015 - 3

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Ruling 3-2015
Union / HP Ref Manager FMRU
Law Reference 4
Date 23 March 2015
The Federación Mexicana de Rugby seeks clarification on the interpretation of Law 4 and Regulation 12.

Is it a requirement for a jersey to have sleeves?

Clarification in Law by the Designated Members of the Rugby Committee
Jersey construction
Each playing jersey shall be composed of structural sections which are combined in order to make up a full jersey. The sleeve of a jersey must extend at least half way from the shoulder point to the elbow.

Jersey (construction guide with diagram reference)
1. Collar area (collar does not need to conform to diagrammatical representation)
2. Sleeve
3. Sleeve bottom
4. Shoulder point
5. Torso
6. Chest

The onus is on Unions to comply with Law 4 and in turn ensure compliance by Clubs in their jurisdiction. Any Unions who have queries with respect to the compliance of jerseys intended to be used should submit a sample of such jersey sufficiently in advance of the proposed match date to World Rugby for review. Unions are strictly liable and may be sanctioned for a failure to comply with Law 4.