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Clarification 2015 - 6

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Ruling 6-2015
Union / HP Ref Manager WRU
Law Reference 3
Date 1 September 2015
The WRU seeks further clarification regarding the below scenario:

Scenario 1
No. 3 is injured and replaced by No. 18 (the declared TH cover). If No. 18 then gets temporarily replaced for Blood (Law 3.10) or HIA (Law 3.11) the team can continue with 15 players but scrums become uncontested until No.18 returns. If No.18 does not return then the team goes to 14 players and uncontested scrums. (Law 3.5 h, m and t)

Clarification is required that if in the above scenario No. 18 does not return to the field of play and the side has to reduce to 14 players, which player leaves the field.

a) Is it the original player that replaced No.18 for uncontested scrums, or

b) Can the captain / coach elect any player to leave the field of play to reduce his team to 14 players?

Clarification in Law by the Designated Members of the Rugby Committee
The Designated Members of the Rugby Committee have considered the request and it is the original player who replaced No. 18 for uncontested scrums who leaves the field of play.