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19. Scrum (U19)

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6. When a team is reduced to fewer than 15 for any reason, then the number of players in each team in the scrum may be similarly reduced. Where a permitted reduction is made by one team, there is no requirement for the other team to make a similar reduction. However, a team must not have fewer than five players in the scrum.
Replaced by:
6. All players in the three front-row positions and the two lock positions must be suitably trained for these positions. If a team cannot field such suitably trained players for whatever reason, then the referee must order uncontested scrums. Uncontested scrums as a result of a sending off, temporary suspension or injury must be played with eight players per side.
a. In an eight-person scrum, the formation must be 3-4-1, with the single player (normally the number eight) shoving on the two locks. The locks must pack with their heads on either side of the hooker.
When a team is reduced to fewer than 15 for any reason, the number of players in each team in the scrum must be similarly reduced.
Where a permitted reduction is made in the scrum by one team, the other team must reduce their scrum accordingly, down to a minimum of five.
Where there is an incomplete scrum, it must be formed as follows :
  1. Seven players – three-four formation (i.e. no number eight).
  2. Six players – three-two-one formation (i.e. no flankers).
  3. Five players – three-two formation (i.e. no flankers or number eight).
Sanction: Free-kick.
34. When there is no infringement, the referee will stop play and reset the scrum if :
c. The scrum is wheeled through more than 90 degrees, so the middle line has passed beyond a position parallel to the touchline.
Replaced by:
c. The scrum is unintentionally wheeled through more than 45 degrees.
38. Other restricted practices at a scrum include :
g. Pushing the scrum more than 1.5 metres towards the opponents’ goalline.
h. Keeping the ball in the scrum once it is heeled and controlled at the base of the scrum.
Sanction: Free-kick.
i. Intentionally wheeling the scrum.
Sanction: Penalty.