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19. Scrum (10's)

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5. When both teams have 15 players, eight players from each team bind together in formation as outlined in the diagram. Each team must have two props and one hooker in the front row and two locks in the second row. Three back-row players from each team complete the scrum. Sanction: Penalty.
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5. A scrum must have five players in two rows from each team. The front row consists of two props and a hooker and the second row consists of two locks. All five must stay bound to the scrum until it ends and may not unbind to play the ball. Sanction: Penalty.
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36. The scrum ends :
b. When the ball reaches the feet of the hindmost player and it is picked up by that player or is played by that team’s scrum-half.
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b. When the ball is played by that team’s scrum-half.